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Certified Program in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) by Dr. Nabil Fakih

By May 11, 2017March 16th, 2021No Comments

PRP Online Program

Everything you will need to know to begin performing Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections in your office today. This online program is a 1 hour presentation full of tips and tricks starting from the basic techniques to the most advanced modalities. This program provides a step-by-step guide from the preparation and activation process to the injection in the face and neck. This program will build your confidence and help you master your technique and enhance your treatments. In addition, this program will cover a focus on hair regrowth with PRP. An excellent course is like an iceberg. Be prepared to learn in this comprehensive program.

  • History of Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Public awareness
  • Blood centrifugation
  • What is Platelet Rich Plasma?
  • How does the PRP works?
  • Scientific evidence
  • Activation of the PRP
  • Growth Factor
  • Safety
  • Indications
  • In Vivo and In Vitro Studies
  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • The 3 Techniques (Roller, MicroPen, Injections)
  • Pre-Therapy
  • Step by Step of the 3 techniques
  • The Double Centrifugation
  • Depth of injections
  • Limitations
  • Platelet Rich Plasma System KIT
  • Frequency and intervals of treatment
  • The way I do it
  • Local Anesthesia vs Sedation
  • Cases

Certificate of Completion

Certified Program in Platelet Rich Plasma: From A to Z is a certified online program. Members that successfully complete all of the required assignments will receive a printable certificate of completion certified by The Spanish Society of Plastic Facial Surgery and signed by Dr. Blas García García and Dr. Nabil Fakih. In addition, successful members will receive a virtual badge of completion showcasing their achievements.

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