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Duggan Institute Of Dentistry Joins IAA

By June 23, 2016March 16th, 2021No Comments

On behalf of the entire staff and Board of Directors we would like to welcome our latest Platinum Sponsor and Educator Member Duggan Institute Of Dentistry. We are pleased to have you with us and we look forward to learning, educating and networking with you.

About Duggan Institute Of Dentistry:

“Since 1992 Duggan’s Institute has grown by leaps and bounds and now provides many services to dental professionals looking to achieve licensure in the US or a state in the US. We cover every subject from basic sciences and clinical didactic sciences through bench procedures, typodonts to clinical board procedures, and remedial programs. Also, we now have three post licensure, continuing education courses. These post licensure courses emphasize basic skills in endodontics, implant based prosthodontics and conservative restorative dentistry, in which many people are not confident.

Our greatest specialization has always been in work with International dentists. We have helped over 3,500 overseas dentists attain licensure in California, and have worked with hundreds of U.S.-trained dentists as well. Along these lines we recognize that the avenues to U.S. licensure for international dentists have become more limited, and many must now attend two or three years of dental school at an ADA-accredited school. Our Fundamental Restorative Techniques is specifically target to help dentists achieve entrance into these U.S. schools.” Visit: for more information.

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