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Dr. Eduardo Costa

Certified IAA Educator

Dr. Eduardo Costa

Dr. Eduardo Costa

Certified IAA Educator

Successfully completed all of the requirements to become a Certified Educator of the International Academy of Aesthetics in Beverly Hills, California.

  • Bioplastia Glútea

  • Gluteal Bioplasty – Ultimate Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation

  • RinoFill™ Online Program Non-surgical rhinoplasty


My Background

Dr. Eduardo Costa is a Brazilian Physician specialised in Aesthetic Medicine.
Dr. Costa developed a methodology to teach minimally invasive techniques using fillers and micro cannulas with a unique kind of application gun.

The technique is called Bioplasty, and it was originally created by Dr. Almir Nácul – a Brazilian plastic surgeon.

Dr. Casta has been using fillers on his procedures since 2005. His experience and amazing procedure results led him to become spokesman

He has been researching PMMA at the Federal University of Goiás since 2008.

Dr. Costa has independently overseen quality control tests of the PMMA brands produced in Brazil and is the spokesman for Linnea Safe and the Lebon Laboratory since 2012 – Linnea Safe is the purest PMMA produced in Brazil.
Dr. Costa has taught on Bioplasty courses and workshops in Brazil and across Latin America since 2014.

Dr. Eduardo Costa is an Educator Member of the International Academy of Aesthetics since early 2016 and he is the Director of the Bioplasty Training Program from the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

Dr. Costa explains that: “What defines well the mechanics of Bioplasty is the projection of the muscle with the biomaterial, using micro cannulas and the application gun.”

The biomaterials estimate collagen, reposition the tissue and support the fat and skin in the surface, giving a rejuvenating effect on the short, medium and long terms, depending on the dermal filler used.

My education

Graduated in Medicine
Universidade Severino Sombra (1995)

Post Graduated
IAAM /ASIME – International Association of Aesthetic Medicine (2005 – 2006)

Bioplasty Training
Clínica Nácul – Porto Alegre
Owner of Bioplastia Brasil (since 2006)
Brasília-DF, Goiânia-GO, São Paulo-SP

My experience

Trained by Dr. Almir Nácul, creator of the Bioplasty technique

Founder of the Brazilian Association of Liquid Implants

Teaches Bioplasty in Brazil and Latin America

Linnea Safe Spokesman

Educator Member of the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS)

Director of AAAMS’ Bioplasty Training Program