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Dr. Giuseppe Cicero

Certified IAA Educator

Dr. Giuseppe Cicero

Dr. Giuseppe Cicero

Certified IAA Educator

Successfully completed all of the requirements to become a Certified Educator of the International Academy of Aesthetics in Beverly Hills, California.

  • Advances in Hard and Soft Tissue Augmentation in the Aesthetic Zone


My Background

Dr. Giuseppe Cicero was born and grew up in Rome, Italy. He graduated cum laude from the University of Tor Vergata in Rome, completing his dental education and graduating with a DDS degree. In recognition of his academic record and clinical skills while in dental school, Dr. Giuseppe Cicero was accepted to spend his 4th year of dental school in the University of Valencia, Spain where he spent a full year in the oral surgery and aesthetics department. Read more about Dr. Giuseppe Cicero

Following graduation, Dr. Giuseppe Cicero practiced for 1 year as a general dentist in his family offices in Rome, Palermo and Marsala. Following this year Dr. Giuseppe Cicero was accepted in the Post-Graduate Periodontics program at the New York University where he completed a 3 year Periodontics and Implant Surgery residency.

Dr. Giuseppe Cicero has done extensive research on Dental Pulp Stem Cells, currently directing 2 research projects on dental pulp stem cells and bone regeneration. He has developed novel clinical protocols for soft and hard tissue regeneration in the Aesthetic Zone introducing the application of 3D printing technology in Guided Bone Regeneration. He has lectured throughout the United States, in Italy and Spain. Published articles on Periodontal Soft and Hard tissue grafting, oral melanoma, dental pulp stem cell culturing and a book on “Dental Pulp stem cells of deciduous teeth”.

Since 1980, Dr. Cicero’s destiny was being paved even before he was born. It was when his father decided to open a family dental practice, Clinica Cicero, in Rome, Italy.

It was not a coincidence that he decided to pursue an education in dentistry and to follow in his father’s footsteps. He studied at Tor Vergata College of Dentistry in Rome. It was during his studies here that Dr. Cicero’s vision really began to develop. With all the passion and excitement that stemmed from his father’s enthusiasm, his vision began to extend far beyond the limits of his hometown. With extreme ambition and an ever-growing imagination to do greater things, Dr. Cicero decided to leave Italy and began to explore possibilities in New York City.

While he was visiting NYUCD (New York University College of Dentistry) inquiring about their Periodontal program, some might say it was fate that caused him to bump into a tall man in a dark grey suit in that crowded hallway. The man whom he would discover to be one of the deans of Harvard. That chance encounter would make a huge impact on his professional life. Dr. Cicero, being the charismatic young doctor that he is, decided to strike up a conversation and was delighted to find out that the dean was interested in his research. Giuseppe was soon invited to present his research on dental pulp stem cells at Harvard School of Dental Medicine division of Periodontology.

The decision to follow up on the dean’s advice would be the second best decision he would make in that very short time. He was then convinced his future was in America. Giuseppe returned to Rome to finish his dental education and graduated from the University of Tor Vergata. He shortly thereafter packed his bags and headed back to America.

He has since then taken oral bone regeneration to a new level by incorporating 3D printing technology in his every day practice. His vision is to simplify the workflow in periodontal surgery to match the demands of a world that strives for perfection in a timely manner. Today big part of Dr. Cicero profession in New York is devoted to research and education, improving patient care, striving for new innovative protocols in search of excellence.

It is this strive that led Giuseppe to co-found his company ORAL3D. Oral3D is created with the goal to improve dental surgery procedures while boosting patient care and their desire to understand the details of their dental procedures. “Effective patient communication has proven to be essential for successful final outcomes. When patients understand why and how a procedure is being done, it facilitates compliance.”

Oral3D started as an idea in May of 2016, but it has since received immediate attention and succeeded to secure a grant from the European 3D printing accelerator FABulous. Within a few months, the concept was fully developed and Oral3D won the final pitching competition of the program. Oral3D improves oral care by providing a precise 3D printed model of the oral cavity so that the dentist can better communicate with their patients and plan surgeries ahead. An extremely innovative tool that is set to transform the workflow of modern dental practice. While investors have already shown interest in this innovative technology, the world of dentistry eagerly awaits to discover all of its beneficial uses for the patients.

“Today, patients want to understand in detail all the procedures, especially when it comes down to removing teeth and replacing them with dental implants – patients don’t understand what is going on under their gums. Handing a 3D printed model of the patient intra-oral situation in their hands reduces or even eliminates doubts for the patient and allows avoiding second thoughts. It’s a great practice builder as well as being an essential tool for the surgeons to plan surgeries ahead of time. This allows to shorten procedure times and increase the predictability of final outcomes.”

Dr. Cicero has done extensive research on dental pulp stem cells, combining the potential of dental pulp stem cells of deciduous teeth with periodontal bone regeneration. He has directed multiple research projects on the topic and developed novel clinical protocols for soft and hard tissue regeneration in the Aesthetic zone. At the same time, he lectured throughout the U.S., Italy, and Spain and has published several articles on periodontal soft and hard tissue grafting, oral melanoma, dental pulp stem cell culturing. He also wrote a book on “Dental Pulp Stem Cells of Deciduous Teeth.” His work has also been featured in Magazines such as Vogue as an example of the young creative ambitious generation and won prestigious prizes in acknowledgment of his novel work in hard tissue regeneration.

Only by first-hand experiences of giving back smiles to his patients, he truly understood how pivotal role the dental profession can have on a person’s life. To be given the opportunity to be the reason someone is able to feel confident with their smile again reaches deeper than just the aesthetics of a beautiful smile. It creates a change in people that allows them to find their long lost confidence. In a city as demanding as New York, this is often a life changing event. “The future belongs to the young generation and I believe I am an example that determination, hard work and devotion allow us to achieve what we have been dreaming of all our lives. Everyone today has the right and real possibility to smile thanks also to the integration of technology such as 3d printing in our everyday work. I’m looking forward to my next challenge in this magic city, with Italy always in my heart.”


My education

University of Tor Vergata
Doctor of Dental Surgery

New York University
Periodontics and Implant Surgery Specialty

My experience