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Dr. Júnio Silva

Certified IAA Educator

Dr. Júnio Silva

Dr. Júnio Silva

Certified IAA Educator

Successfully completed all of the requirements to become a Certified Educator of the International Academy of Aesthetics in Beverly Hills, California.

  • The Prep Dilemma: How to Approach Noninvasive, Extended Traditional Veneers and Crowns


My Background

Dr. Júnio Silva has been lecturing for over 13 years. He started giving lectures while he was completing his Masters and Ph.D. courses in the department of Operative Dentistry at the Federal University of Santa Catarina.

In 2012, Dr. Júnio Silva was hired by the University of Brasília as a pre-clinical and clinical associate professor. At the same time, Dr. Júnio Silva was also coordinating a Certification in Prosthodontics course.

Furthermore, Dr. Júnio Silva was invited to be speaker of various dental scientific meetings such as the 61st Fall Meeting of the Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics in 2015 and the 5th International Congress on Adhesive Dentistry held at Penn University.

Currently, Dr. Júnio Silva works as a teacher at his own institute for continuing education (Zeit Education – He offers hands-on and theoretical courses. In addition, he lectures for 3M ESPE and scientific dental meetings. He is also a partner in a healthcare clinic, “MedCal Clínica de Especialidades” ( where he practices as a dentist. Moreover, some of his work as a practitioner can be seen on his website (

Although his main research background has been focused on digital dentistry, Dr. Silva has published, taught and worked on other matters like bonded conventional porcelain restorations, noninvasive porcelain veneers, direct bonded restorations, dental corrosion (dental erosion), the influence of cigarette smoke on dental adhesion, tooth wear and comprehensive oral rehabilitation.

My education

Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Operative Dentistry

My experience

Co-Owner of Zeit Dental Lab
Professor at UniABO-SC
Dentist at Medical
Former Professor at Universidade de Brasília