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Five Ways Our Members Generate Revenue as IAA Graduates

By October 2, 2018March 16th, 2021No Comments

In the field of medical aesthetics, continuing education is mandatory. Keeping up to date is extremely crucial to maintain your practice and the results you produce. We also found that it carries another added value, increased income. Here are five things you can do to increase your revenue and exposure using what you learn at IAA.

1- Once your program is complete, as a certified graduate you can create social media posts with what you have learned. Use the correct hashtags to increase your followers and before you know it you will be considered an influencer in your field. Tip: Although Instagram has gained popularity lately, make sure you post on LinkedIn as well.

2- Blog! By blogging the results produced using the latest trends and newly acquired skills you will be able to position yourself as a leader in your industry. This is a great way to build your reputation locally and increase clientele. Tip: Blogs can be posted on your personal/business website, just remember to create a social media post and story to share on your social networks linking people to your blog.

3- Advertise the latest methods: After completing your program you will be able to offer new services using the latest methods. Your clients are informed and we guarantee you they have been googling for days before deciding on the procedure they want. They know what they want and have high expectations. By offering the latest techniques, you ensure attracting more clients, achieving better results and getting more reviews.

4- Create YouTube Videos: Once you feel that you have mastered your newly learned techniques, you can help others in your industry by providing tips and tricks you learned along the way. This will grow your YouTube followers and possibly pay off in many other ways.

5- Review products from our partners: Network with our partners and acquire new material and equipment. As an IAA member, you receive a discounted rate from all our partners that you can review and share your experience with.

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