Latest Program: Precision Oriented Implant Surgery and Restoration


This comprehensive online program is designed to teach dental professionals about Precision Oriented Implant Surgery and Restoration and includes over 6-hours of video lecture content. This will be the beginning of a great program that will allow you to follow through on a robust educational experience with a source of guidance available through out the year. You will be able to take up any challenge no matter how great and you will have a safety net of one of the best mentors in the world. This program includes a required discussion assignment at the conclusion that will measure the member’s level of understanding and test his or her knowledge. Successful completion of the assignment is required to receive a virtual badge of completion. Topics covered:

1) Surgery:

  • Flap Design
  • Suturing
  • Types of Bone Grafts
  • Types of Membranes
  • Fixation of Membranes
  • Anatomy & Blood Supplies
  • Complications and Management

2) Restoration:

  • Impression Techniques
  • Types of Adjustments
  • Occlusion Adjustments
  • Temporary Crowns on Implants
  • Lab Procedure
  • Maintenances

Program Fee: $99.99 USD

Implant SurgeryDuggan Institute of Dentistry is an educational facility built on the fundamental principles of dentistry. At the Duggan Institute of Dentistry we provide a unique hands-on approach to give you the tools necessary to build a foundation for a successful future.

The Benefits:

  • Continuing Education for those wanting to improve their functional skills within their U.S. dental practice.
  • Current dental students at the start of their programs wanting to learn the skills and comprehension necessary for optimizing their performance potential.
  • Current 4th year dental students toward the end of their program that feel they are not ready to practice independently.
  • International dental graduates who would like to participate in an AEGD or GPR residency program in the U.S. and need to advance their skills either for acceptance or to perform well if admitted.
  • International dental graduates who would like to enter a U.S. dental school program with advanced-standing.
  • International dentists in Canada preparing for the NDEB clinical licensure examination.
  • Dentists who need remedial training in some area due to a conflict with a state board.
  • Are dentists qualified to take a regional licensure examination in the U.S., like the WREB or NERB, and need help to optimize their chances of success.
  • Dentists who have had difficulty passing a licensure examination and need remedial training on record before getting a chance to take the exam again.
  • Young faculty members of a dental school needing to develop more exacting and effective skills in teaching.

Duggan Institute of Dentistry is devoted to helping dentists and students beyond the typical educational facility.  We have been a part of this community since 1992 and have trained with over 4,000 students, dentists, and board candidates.  There are over 3,000 dentists practicing in California that achieved licensure through examination with the help of Dr. Duggan.

Duggan Institute of Dentistry has been dedicated to the field of dental education, with all of the individual needs that this represents, for so long because Dr. Duggan has a passion for teaching that goes back almost 50 years – his first experience was in tutoring chemistry as a young college student.  He taught at the University of Illinois, was on the professorial staff in the chemistry department at the University of California in Irvine, and was a full-time Professor of Restorative Dentistry at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry for 8 years.  Since opening the original off-campus institute, Duggan Study Institute, he has unquestionably amassed more hours doing hands-on work with students than anyone else in the world!  For most of 2006 he actually cut preparations with students for over 100 hours per week!

While Dr. Duggan’s skills are legendary, his way of presenting information is uniquely effective for helping students understand the most important concepts.  Through years of study and the development of important teaching aids DID again sets itself apart from the others in the field.

The DID Point-of-view camera system was developed by Dr. Duggan specifically to help students see exactly what HE sees!  When he works in the mirror, students can see in the mirror exactly what he sees, down the same visual axis.  This is one of the single most valuable developments in dental education for the past 15 years, and we have had these systems in use here at DID since 1999.  Two major universities have had Dr. Duggan make systems for them to use – however, all except the most skillful faculty members find such a detailed display of their skills a formidable challenge!

We have also, based on Dr. Duggan’s experience in teaching visualization in dentistry, developed a unique workbook that aims to help students improve their ability to “see” in their mind’s eye what every step of their procedure should look like during execution.  Visualization is the key to success and few, if any, other institutions address this issue with the effectiveness that we do at DID!

So – virtually whatever your needs are in the field of dental education, you will find a home here at DID!  You are most welcome to email us or call to discuss your particular needs – but there is always a way to accommodate your needs into our flexible annual schedule.  Our basic courses are the FRT – Fundamentals of Restorative Techniques – emphasizing preparations on typodont teeth in a manikin – and the FCD – Fundamental of Clinical Dentistry – emphasizing preparations on natural teeth, mounted in a typodont – and solving real-life problems.  These two basic programs establish the foundation for the optimization of every students skills in their most needed areas – however, customized and specialized programs are always available too.