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Latest Partner: FACIALTEAM, an elite international surgical group specializing in facial feminization and harmonization surgery

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On behalf of our entire International Academy of Aesthetics team, faculty and board of directors we are thrilled to announce our latest educational partner FACIALTEAM. An elite international surgical group specializing in facial feminization and harmonization surgery based in Marbella, Barcelona and São Paulo the FACIALTEAM are focused on natural aesthetics, respecting the patients core identity and hidden approaches. Welcome to IAA!

Excellence in facial gender surgery

After a decade in FFS Surgery and more than 1,300 patients of all gender identities, the FACIALTEAM, a multidisciplinary team of facial feminisation experts in facial gender confirmation, offer highly predictable results. Facial gender harmonization procedures are adapted to be as aggressive or subtle as required, while within realistic and safe parameters.

Our priority is the continued development of the field of facial feminization surgery:

  • innovating new surgical instruments and technologies,
  • collaborating on international scientific research and investigation and
  • training & education for the next generation in the field of feminizing surgery.

Experts in facial feminization surgery

Regardless of gender identity, our goal is for predictable, natural results for your most feminine look–without visible scars. Examples of the feminising FFS procedures offered are upper lip lift, tracheal shave (thyroid cartilage reduction or adam s apple reduction), facial features harmonisation, forehead nose transition and cheek augmentation via facial lipofeminization (FLF or a type of fat grafting). Facial feminization surgery FFS is most frequently sought by TNBI individuals who identify as trans-feminine and wish to undergo a male to female medical transition.

Surgical Procedures Notes: Hairline advancement (aka hairline lowering or scalp advancement for a shorter forehead) is only recommended in very specific cases. Also, we do not normally employ chin implants. Soft tissue work such as a neck lift may or may not be performed simultaneously with FFS, depending on the surgical plan and the individual.


You may click here to learn more about the FACIALTEAM

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