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Latest Program: Certified Program in Fat Grafting using Microfat, SNIF and Nanofat

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Certified Program in Fat Grafting using Microfat, SNIF and Nanofat

Everything you will need to know to begin performing the Nanojuv™ Technique for Fat Transfer & Facial Lipofilling using Microfat, SNIF & Nanofat for facial rejuvenation and hair restoration. This online program is designed to provide members with a robust foundation for understanding facial aesthetics, fat transfer, and facial lipofilling using Microfat, SNIF, & Nanofat. Dr. Nabil Fakih provides his knowledge and professional expertise to cover these essential hottest new topics. This comprehensive online course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of fat transfer and facial lipofilling on both a fundamental and an advanced level. This online program is a 2 hour presentation full of tips and tricks starting from the basis of controlling the surgery to mastering the technique. Focusing on these tips and tricks will enhance your understanding of fat transfer & facial lipofilling. An excellent course is like an iceberg. Be prepared to learn in this informative program.

Section 1. History & Science Behind Fat & Its Indications

  • Introduction to the Basic Science of Adipose, Nanofat and PRP – Understanding the regenerative aspect of adipose tissue
  • Fate of Fat Grafting
  • Experimental Study of Fat Cell Survival
  • The location & distribution of adipose tissue in the human body – Types of Fat: Macrofat, Microfat, SNIF, and Nanofat
  • Fat Potentials and advantage of Adipose Derived Stem Cells
  • Nanofat: understanding nanofat and its clinical applications
  • Understanding PRP and how it works with adipose tissue

Section 2. Materials Used and Patent Selection and Evaluation

  • Skin, fat, retaining ligaments & bone changes with aging – Indication of Microfat, SNIF and Nanofat
  • Layers and soft tissue spaces in the face
  • Patient evaluation
  • Prophylaxis
  • Instruments and supplies needed for adipose and PRP preparation (Facial Set)

Section 3. Clinical Preparation and Harvesting

  • Donor site selection
  • Syringe Adipose harvesting with local anesthesia
  • Dry, Wet and Superwet technique
  • Klein Standard Tumescent Solution
  • Prep and drape technique
  • Anesthesia technique in donor site
  • Background and mechanisms of action of closed syringe vacuum lipoaspiration
  • The importance of proper pre-tunneling and infiltration for patient comfort, ease of harvesting and minimal bleeding
  • Adipose and PRP – Adipose Harvesting Protocol
  • Video Demonstration: Step-by-Step protocol for blood draw and adipose harvest in the procedure room

Section 4. Processing

  • Sedimentation versus centrifugation
  • Preparing Adipose for Injection and purification – Processing Microfat
  • Processing the SNIF
  • Processing Nanofat
  • Processing Nanofat and PRP Mix
  • Differentiation of Microfat, SNIF and Nanofat

Section 5. Re-Implant and Patient Organization

  • How to Use Micro, SNIF and Nano Fat for Total Facial Rejuvenation – Marking full face for facial rejuvenation
  • Anesthesia blocks for needle and cannula
  • Facial Cannula Selection
  • Facial Danger zones
  • Injection technique and plane of injection
  • Treating with Microfat to fill forehead, temples, cheeks, tear trough, tear valley, upper eyelid buccal area, nasolabial, marionette and pre-auricular area
  • Treating with SNIF facial wrinkles, neck wrinkles and scars
  • Treating with Nanofat scars, facial wrinkles, neck wrinkles
  • Treating with Nanofat and PRP Hair loss
  • Video Demonstration: Redeploying fat for structural and dermal rejuvenation
  • Injection techniques and applications for each size of fat
  • Techniques for smooth results
  • Minimizing bruising for minimal patient downtime

Section 6. Post-Procedure and Complications

  • Adipose transfer risks and possible complications – Treating complications
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Recurrent Injections
  • Fat Storage – Post care

Certificate of Completion
Certified Program in Fat Grafting Using Microfat, SNIF and Nanofat is a certified online program. Members that successfully complete all of the required assignments will receive a printable certificate of completion certified by The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) and signed by Dr. Sam Assassa and Dr. Nabil Fakih. In addition, successful members will receive a virtual badge of completion showcasing their achievements.

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