Medical Program Production Partners with IAA

Medical Program Production partners with IAA to offer video production services for IAA educators

Medical Program ProductionWe are very excited to announce that Medical Program Production (MPP) joined IAA as a Sponsor Member to provide a turnkey program development solution that is exclusively designed for IAA Affiliate Members providing the fastest, most convenient program development process available. Medical Program Production (MPP) will direct you through the entire Educator Program development process and assure that your program is completed and uploaded to the IAA learning management system within 90 calendar days.

MPP Educator Program Production package includes:

  • Professional video services, production and editing services
  • Automated digitalizing, optimizing, and uploading to the IAA LMS platform
  • Flexible on-location production and expedited delivery options to better serve your needs
  • International travel to setup Educator Program Production in the convenience of your practice
  • Professional portrait for your IAA Membership profile
  • Optional translation services enabling you to host your finalized program in other languages
  • Video services include:
    • Experienced Videographers
    • Canon 5D Mkii 35mm Digital Cinema Camera and XDCAM Cameras
    • Backup HD camera
    • Zoom portable audio digital recorders
    • Professional wireless lavaliere microphones
    • Ambient microphones including cardioid and shotgun miss
    • Fluid head tripod & Monopod
    • Glidecam HD4000
    • Professional interview style lighting
    • Recording media

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