40 Tips & Tricks Using Botulinum Toxins Online Course

Nabil Fakih
25 Nov 2020
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40 Tips & Tricks Using Botulinum Toxins Online Course

40 Tips & Tricks Using Botulinum Toxins Online Course is an extensive revision of the top tips and tricks used when injecting botulinum toxins. In this online course, Dr. Nabil Fakih will discuss the most critical points to avoid complications while injecting botulinum toxins. This online course consists of 45 minutes of online lecture video filled with tips. This highly recommended online program is designed to make you confident in injecting toxins while focusing on how to avoid complications and how to treat them. An excellent course is like an iceberg. Be prepared to learn in this ultimate program.

Topics Covered:

  • Mixing Dose
  • Reconstitute
  • Efficiency
  • Needle and Dead Space Evaluation of Diffusion
  • Evaluation of Facial Asymmetry Evaluation of Hooding
  • Evaluation Orbital Tone
  • Evaluation Aesthetic Brow
  • Evaluation of Frontal Points
  • Evaluation of Low Short Frontal Muscle
  • Evaluation of Maximum Eyebrow Elevation
  • Evaluation of Frontal Wrinkle Start
  • Evaluation of Lacrimal Gland
  • Evaluation of Low Corrugator Insertion
  • Evaluation of Thin Skin
  • Treatment of Eyelid Ptosis
  • Evaluation of Important Events
  • Evaluation of Droopy Eyelid Ptosis
  • Evaluation of Position of Crows Feet Points
  • Evaluation of Orbicular Muscle Extension
  • Evaluation of Infraorbital Fat Pads
  • Evaluation of Laxity
  • Evaluation of Hypertrophic Orbicular Muscle
  • Evaluation of Infraorbital Vessels
  • Evaluation of Hollowness in Tear Valley
  • Evaluation of Hight of Tail of Eyebrow
  • Evaluation of Extended Wrinkles
  • Evaluation Bunny Lines
  • Evaluation Depth of Orbital Socket
  • Evaluation Lip Length
  • Evaluation Lip Wrinkles
  • Evaluation Corner of the Mouth Depressions
  • Evaluation of Hight of Chin
  • Evaluation of Neck Skin
  • Evaluation of Anterior Border of the Masseter
  • Evaluation of Headache
  • Evaluation of Level of Wrinkles
  • Toxin-Like Cream as an Additive
  • Evaluation of Neurotic Patients

Certificate of Completion

40 Tips & Tricks Using Botulinum Toxins Online Course is a certified online program. Members that successfully complete all of the required assignments will receive a printable certificate of completion certified by The Spanish Society of Plastic Facial Surgery and signed by Dr. Blas García García and Dr. Nabil Fakih. In addition, successful members will receive a virtual badge of completion showcasing their achievements.

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