Advances in Hard and Soft Tissue Augmentation in the Aesthetic Zone

Giuseppe Cicero
08 Mar 2021
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Advances in Hard and Soft Tissue Augmentation in the Aesthetic Zone

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Contemporary patient expectations have made esthetics a major requisite of all treatment plans, especially in situations where there is a high smile line. Although new restorative materials have highly improved predictability and esthetic outcomes, soft and hard tissue management play a fundamental role when working in esthetic areas. To achieve ideal esthetics, preservation of the natural soft and hard tissue architecture is a primary clinical objective. These new proposed techniques illustrate the importance of pre-prosthetic soft and hard tissue management when working in highly esthetic compromised areas.

Section 1: Hard Tissue Augmentation

  • Topics within this section
  • Predictable Vertical and Horizontal Alveolar Ridge Augmentation Using
  • Resorbable and Non-resorbable Membranes and 100% Allograft

Section 2: Soft Tissue Augmentation

  • Topics within this section
  • Soft Tissue augmentation and Closure of Grafted Extraction Sockets in the Anterior Maxilla: Novel techniques

Section 3: 3D printing technology in today’s soft and hard tissue regeneration

  • Topics within this section
  • Three-dimensional printing of the bony and dental anatomy allows for visualization and tactile examination, without the presence of the patient, and proves to be a significant advantage that ameliorates clinical challenges.

Section 4: Resorbable membranes in GBR – How far can we push it today?

  • Topics within this section
  • Vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation in both posterior and anterior jaws have represented a significant challenge for the operator. The use of resorbable membranes housing 100% allograft upon a deficient alveolar ridge is proving to be a valid and predictable technique providing the biological parameters sufficient for pre-implant periodontal, hard and soft tissue, support for a functional prosthesis.

Section 5: Soft tissue management after GBR

  • Topics within this section Use of AlloDerm for enhancing soft tissue architecture Pedicle connective tissue grafts vs. free connective tissue grafts

Section 6: Comprehensive treatment planning of complex soft and hard tissue deficiencies in the Aesthetic area

  • Topics within this section
  • Management of complex cases and complications – Where to start and how to proceed? A novel approach

Section 7: Biomaterials options: which bone and which membrane?

  • Topics within this section
  • Biological principles of GBR – Why choose a bio-material over another?
  • Histology of bone cores

Section 8: Flap designs, management of flaps and suturing techniques

  • Topics within this section
  • Advances in achieving primary closure in extensive GBR cases and the use of correct suturing techniques Review of the Principles of GBR

Advances In Hard And Soft Tissue Augmentation In The Aesthetic Zone

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