Dermal Fillers 101: Introduction to Facial Fillers

Sam Assassa
09 Jul 2020
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Dermal Fillers 101: Introduction to Facial Fillers

Dermal Fillers 101: Introduction To Facial Fillers, is a certified comprehensive online program that covers the facial aging process and facial analysis pertinent to dermal fillers, classification of dermal filers, indications and contraindications. Also covered is the anatomy and techniques of regional nerve blocks of the face, injection techniques of upper, middle and lower face and how to avoid and treat fillers complications. Lastly, members will be able to watch a series of demonstration videos covering eyebrow lift, glabellar and forehead lines, nasolabial folds and marionette line corrections. Members will see proper injection techniques for treating hollowness under the eyes, tear trough deformity, enhancement of the cheeks, creating  natural fuller lips, and contouring the chin and jaw line. Lastly, members will have access to a series of improvised reality videos, where Dr. Sam Assassa straps a GoPro camera to his head while consulting and injecting patients. This unique experience provides a first-person perspective of day-to-day practice as an aesthetic practitioner. Dr. Sam Assassa provides his knowledge and professional expertise with over 8-hours of lecture and training video content.

Dermal Fillers 101 Online Program includes the following sections:

  • Introduction to Injectable Fillers
    • Introduction to Injectable Fillers
    • FaceNatomy™ Pertinent to Dermal Fillers
    • Aging Face Pertinent to Facial Fillers
    • Facial Analysis Pertinent to Dermal Fillers
  • Overview of Injectable Fillers
    • Overview of Injectable Fillers
    • Fillers Patient’s Consultation
    • Area by Area Assessment
  • Injectable Fillers Complications and Pain Management
    • Dermal Fillers Complications
    • Pain Management
  • Comprehensive Videos
    • Facial Analysis Videos
    • Injection Demonstration Videos
    • Reality Series Videos

Dermal Fillers 101 Program Certificate

Certificate of Completion

Dermal Fillers 101: Introduction to Facial Fillers is a certified online program that provides a comprehensive approach to facial aesthetics. This online program includes a required assignment at the conclusion of the program that will measure the member’s level of understanding and test his or her knowledge. Members that successfully complete all of the required assignments will receive a printable certificate of completion certified by The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) and signed by Dr. Sam Assassa. In addition, successful members will receive a virtual badge of completion showcasing their achievements.

Non-Member Program Fee: $575 includes membership

Existing Member Program Fee: $200

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