Lipofilling for Facial Rejuvenation as Outpatient Procedure

Dr. Angel Pecorelli
27 Nov 2020
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Lipofilling for Facial Rejuvenation as Outpatient Procedure

Lipofilling for Facial Rejuvenation as Outpatient Procedure

The new age of aesthetic medicine is regenerative medicine and fat transfer represents the leading chapter of the present and the future for all physicians dedicated to cosmetic and aesthetic procedures for facial rejuvenation. Furthermore the current trend for aesthetics is minimally invasive procedures where quick recovery and best results as possible are requested instead big cosmetic surgical procedures.

This online program is designed to provide members the new age of fat transfer in aesthetic medicine which I called ̈Lipofilling for Facial Rejuvenation as Outpatient Procedure ̈, regarding the entire step by step technique under local anesthesia putting science and art together. Dr. Pecorelli share all his knowledge and the complete experience over the last 10 years to simplify the technique for minimally and cosmetic procedure regarding tips and tricks of the entire lipofilling procedure and clarifying the most common mistakes and misconception around the world about fat grafting technique for better outcomes and avoid complications learning from basic to advanced, mastering and upgrading the member ́s approach.

Tips and tricks about small liposuction, types of fat (Macro-Microfat, SNIF, Fractionated Fat and Nanofat), fat processing and lipofilling technique with the specific sequence of the personal approach for an outpatient procedure where changing the way to learn is mandatory.

In this webinar, the following topics will be covered:

1- Understanding Facial Harmony as the Main Goal in Facial Rejuvenation
(Full HD Videos)

  • Versatility of fat grafting and clinical applications
  • Why fat grafting? Perfect filler and benefits.
  • Understanding Facial Aging Events
  • Types of Fat: Macrofat, Microfat, SNIF, SNIE, Nanofat
  • The New Age of Regenerative Medicine
  • Fat Grafting Uses and Step by Step technique.
  • Instruments and Supplies for Adequate Adipose Tissue Management

2- Science & Art of Doing an Outpatient Procedure Step by Step Under Local Anesthesia in Aesthetic Medicine
(Full HD Videos: Lecturing, Cases & Complete Technique Description)

  • Donnor Site Selection
  • Science & Art of Anesthesia
  • Tips and Tricks for Small Liposuction Under Local Anesthesia
  • Donor Site – Fat Harvesting
  • Fat Processing and Preparing Microfat , SNIF, SNIE, Nanofat
  • Lipofilling Techniques and Differences.
  • How to use Fat Grafting for Facial Harmony
  • Before and After Cases. Analysis of Different Techniques for Each One. (Pictures & Videos)
  • Tricks for Facial Anesthesia
  • Injection Technique Step by Step and Different Approaches
  • Facial Volume Restoration with Microfat
  • Treating Facial Wrinkles & Folds with Microfat – SNIF
  • Nanofat for Dark Circles & Skin Regeneration
  • New Age of Skin Rejuvenation: Microneedling & Nanofat (Trailer)
  • Patients Follow Up Care
  • Home Messages



Pre-Recorded Webinar, Lecture Format, Open Discussion, Unlimited Access


Dr. Angel Pecorelli is Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Board of Director of the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery (SECPF) and Vice-President of the Latin-American Society of Facial Aesthetic Surgery (SOLAFACE). He is one of the Venezuela’s & Spain’s leading aesthetic surgeons recognized worldwide expert in minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures. He has always been passionate and committed to surgical and treatment planning, considering smallest details, patient comfort, personalized attention, natural results and always linked to teaching since the beginning.

Former Biochemistry Teacher at Medical Faculty of Carabobo University (Venezuela) for 2 years after his medical degree. Dr. Pecorelli did his Surgical Training Postgraduate Residency of 6 Years, Department of General Surgery 3 years and Department of Plastic – Aesthetic – Reconstructive & Maxilo-Facial Surgery 3 years at Dr. Miguel Perez Carreño General Hospital, Caracas-Venezuela (Central University of Venezuela, UCV, from January 1-2007 to December 31-2012).

Focusing in non invasive aesthetic procedures Dr. Pecorelli has a sub-specialization postgraduate in Cosmetic-Aesthetic and Physiological Aging Medicine by the University of Barcelona (Spain) and is this amazing city of Barcelona where he actually has his own private aesthetic clinic for Facial Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine (Platinum Medical Center, Barcelona- Spain).

Due to the commitment of teaching and sharing experience and regarding his high positions in these 2 important worldwide aesthetic surgical societies (SECPF for Europe and SOLAFACE for Latin- America), Dr. Angel Pecorelli is continuously traveling to many countries around the world such as Cali, Medellin (Colombia), Beirut (Lebanon) and multiple cities in Spain and Canary Island as international faculty for facial rejuvenation hands on courses and lecturing in different international meetings for many prestigious worldwide plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine societies, also linked with the international online medical education in the last 5 years.

Regarding beauty and fashion, he is the Miss World Catalunya Official Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon representing a top model event for the main cities of Catalonia (Tarragona, Barcelona, Lérida and Girona).

Dr. Angel Pecorelli combines his passion for work and education with a healthy sports and family life with his wife (Plastic Surgeon as well) and 3 amazing children in Barcelona Spain.

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