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Eduardo Costa
27 Jan 2021
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RinoFill™ Online Program



RinoFill™ is break-through method of performing non-surgical rhinoplasty. The course consists of a series of aesthetic lectures and video demonstrations. It offers a solid foundation about nose anatomy, Aesthetic Nasal and facial analysis, the principles of non-surgical rhinoplasty, how to address the imperfections of the aging nose, ethnic noses, and most importantly the Rinofill™ technique that will help you create a global facial harmony for your patients with safety in mind.

Dr. Eduardo Costa, the creator of the course, is a Brazilian physician, specialized in aesthetic treatments. Over his 16 years of experience using fillers, he has helped more than 5 thousand patients in their pursuit of happiness. The results of the Rinofill™ technique are amazing and can last for years.

The RinoFill™ Online Program covers the following topics:

RinoFill™ is a technique originated in Brazil, it consists of the application of fillers in the nose, in order to improve aesthetic results.

Module 1: Welcome

Introduction to RinoFill™. Dr. Costa’s experience. How to take the most out of the course.

Module 2: Contracts and documentation

Along the course you’ll have access to the contracts and documentation you should always use.

Module: 3: Anatomy

You’ll review the anatomy of the nose and how RinoFill™ can be a suggested treatment and a great solution in many cases, both aesthetically and in cases where a surgery simply can’t deliver the results needed.
Also, you’ll dive into the angles and parts of the nose and learn about how RinoFill™ affects them.

Module 4: Application tools

You’ll learn about the applications tools, their importance to the technique and how to use them correctly when applying the biomaterials.

Module 5: Application technique

You’ll learn about the ideal biomaterials to work with, learn about patient and doctor guidelines, contraindications, possible adverse effects and how to treat them correctly.

Module 6: RinoFill™ – Primary Nose

You’ll learn about the routine, marking, punctures, anesthesia, post procedure care and guidelines, as well as watch video demonstrations of the procedure and access several clinical results.

Module 7: Conclusion

On the last module, we’ll guide you through your next steps in order to correctly use the technique and how to get more training and improve your skills in the technique.

Rinofill Online Program

Certificate of Completion

The RinoFill™ is a certified online program that covers all of the above topics providing a comprehensive approach to the RinoFill™ technique. Each of the sections includes a required assignment that will measure the member’s level of understanding and test his or her knowledge. Members that successfully complete all of the required assignments will receive a printable certificate of completion certified by The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) and signed by Dr. Sam Assassa and Dr. Eduardo Costa. In addition, successful members will receive a virtual badge of completion showcasing their achievements.

Non-Member Program Fee: $575 includes membership

Existing Member Program Fee: $199.99

Enroll at anytime and get unlimited access to the self-paced online program for the entire year of your membership. Watch the online video lectures from anywhere at any time on your own schedule.

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