Dr. Eduardo Costa

Certified IAA Educator
Eduardo Costa

Dr. Eduardo Costa

Certified IAA Educator


Dr. Eduardo Costa, born in Brasília-DF, had his initial training as a pediatrician, accompanying his father, a pioneer pediatrician in the city, but after 10 years of hard work he was introduced to a new field of minimally invasive aesthetic procedures.

During 3 years he has taken courses and post graduations for training and training in facial filling and rejuvenation techniques. Today, the concept of beauty is no longer cut and pull the excess skin of the face with conventional surgical technique, but prevent aging, restore lost volumes with the process, moisturize the skin and stimulate the formation of collagen in deep planes to give support to the tissues by stimulating the formation of new collagen.

After 13 years of experience, the speaker of Lebon laboratory and Linnea Safe Manufacturer, Dr. Eduardo Costa brings his knowledge and wisdom in Bioplasty to provide excellent training courses that teach natural results. With over 3,000 documented cases, Dr. Costa has perfected the Bioplasty technique and has mastered and evolved it over the the last 8 years. Dr. Costa owns three clinics in Brazil and visits the U.S. often to consult and train medical professionals. Bioplasty arose from the experience Dr. Eduardo Costa performing infiltrative implants in deep planes.

Bioplasty is a technique that involves the implantation of a biocompatible substance, PMMA, in the skin or below the muscle, promoting stimulation of the formation of new collagen, improving the sagging of the skin and the tonicity of the muscles. The biomaterial is introduced by a small hole in the skin, through atraumatic microcannulas, every procedure is carried out under local anesthesia.

This type of implant comes to change the concept of stretching, pulling and cutting of plastic surgery, using a minimally invasive technique, being able to create beauty lines and angles for those who do not have it, enhance the look, recover the format of the aged face or even complement the the result of conventional plastic surgery.

Bioplasty works the volumetry with the purpose of giving more harmony to the contours of the face and body, and can now be done with great security by qualified professionals and with biomaterials of good origin. Our patients have access to a well-diversified database, where the various indications of bioplasty and the results of the technique will be demonstrated. We have videos demonstrating the procedure in all regions of the face and body so that patients can watch and can have a better sense of how it is the correct and safe way to do it.

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