Dr. Jonas John Apostol

Certified IAA Educator
Dr. Jonas John Apostol

Dr. Jonas John Apostol

Certified IAA Educator


Dr. Jonas John Apostol is the chief dentist and owner of Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center. Dr. Apostol has been a licensed dental practitioner for over a decade and his main practice is cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Apostol is currently a member of the following organizations: American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry, International Association for Orthodontics, and Philippine Association of Functional Jaw Orthopedics – TMJ Inc.

Although his passion is in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Jonas John Apostol felt the need to study other branches of dentistry as well so in his early dental years, Dr. Apostol also took up post graduate studies in Orthodontics for General Practitioners, Oral Surgery and Hospital Dentistry, Comprehensive Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry, Dental Implantology, Gnathology and Craniodontics.

After taking all of those, his hunger for knowledge still did not end. Dr. Apostol made sure to attend as many trainings and workshops locally and abroad. In dentistry, innovation is the key. Dr. Jonas John Apostol always stays up-to-date with the trends in the field. Dr. Jonas John Apostol believes that knowledge and experience in complete dentistry training enables him to be able to produce successful cases and create on point treatment plan for his patients.

Cosmetic dentistry in the Philippines is just starting to expand right now and Dr. Apostol is thankful to have started honing his skills years ago. Because of this, various groups have invited him to conduct lectures and share his knowledge with others. Dr. Apostol creates webinars not just to impart knowledge but also to inspire others.

Dr. Jonas John Apostol works full time in his clinic and sees around 5 – 10 patients a day, but what Dr. Apostol focus on is full mouth rehabilitations (veneers, crowns, implants, etc). Creating beautiful smiles is the main goal, his main goal. But it doesn’t stop there. What is the deeper meaning underneath that beauty created – it is giving hope, life and new beginnings for our patients – which Dr. Apostol believe is his main purpose as a dentist, a cosmetic dentist.

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19 Jan 2021
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