Dr. Maurizio Ceccarelli

Certified IAA Educator
Maurizio Ceccarelli

Dr. Maurizio Ceccarelli

Certified IAA Educator


Dr. Maurizio Ceccarelli is the Director of International Centre for Study and Research in Aesthetic and Physiological Medicine and a Professor of Physiological Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Studies of Barcelona, Spain.

Dr. Maurizio Ceccarelli graduated in Medicine and Biological Sciences, specializing in General Pathology and Cardiovascular Diseases. Since 1985, he has concentrated on laying the scientific foundation of Aesthetic Medicine and Regenerative Medicine. In 1990, he completed a Physiological Medicine specialty, a medical branch of optimization of well-being and has created countless protools and formulas within the speciality.

His insights and scientific experiments include:

  • Buffering of drugs in mesotherapy. This allowed the reduction of pain for the patient in the use of this technique and a better clinical response to less diffusion of the drug, to reduce the acid radicals
  • The calculation of the dose of medication to be used in mesotherapy. This has allowed the use of physiological concentrations of active principle, useful to the clinical response, with no side effects
  • The ultrasonic hydrolipoclasia. Medical Method for the reduction of localized fat, in excess, via the cavitation process activation induced by ultrasound on aqueous solutions
  • The oxygen therapy. Medical Method for the reduction of localized fat, in excess, via the oxidation of biological membranes of adipocytes
  • The endomodulazione. Optimization of enzymatic reactions that occur in our organism through the use of biological precursors to normalize the concentrations of neurotransmitters, hormones and structural biological components, without any side effects
  • The replacement hormone therapy subjectivized. Administration, in cases of shortage, the amount of hormones necessary for the metabolic function, without excess and negative feed back
  • Cutaneous biostimulation. Optimization of the biological functions of the skin with aesthetic improvement of this and prevention of aging processes
  • The rationale of the amino acid treatment. By allowing the use of this technique also for the reduction of localized adiposity.
  • The life quality medical program. Protocol of physiological medicine effective in preventing the aging general damages allowing each person the opportunity to reach an advanced age in full possession of his physical and psychological capabilities
  • The medical facelift. Regenerative Medicine Protocol useful optimization of volumetric facial tissues, developed by Prof. Victor Garcia
  • The face sculpture. Aesthetic medicine protocol useful to optimize the volumes of the face, improving the aesthetics of this, developed with Prof. Roberto Tullii
  • The fat apoptosis. Aesthetic medicine protocol useful to decrease the volumes of localized fat without inflammation or damage

Dr. Maurizio Ceccarelli also performed scientific studies of fundamental research:

  • the biological effects of ultrasound
  • the biological effects of oxygen-ozone therapy
  • the biological effects of radiofrequency
  • the biological effects of various types of light sources
  • the biological effects of muscle electrostimulation
  • the biological effects of the introduction into the skin of natural and synthetic filler which allowed a more appropriate use of some equipment used in aesthetic medicine.

Finally, in recent years Dr. Maurizio Ceccarelli and Professor Victor J. Garcia of the University of Barcelona in Spain, integrated  the regenerative treatment of the skin with Platelet Growth Factors and tuning the stimulation technique Adipose Tissue Stem cells for Liposowing. Dr. Maurizio Ceccarelli resides and practices in Rome, Italy and often travels the world to lecture and teach the latest updates in aesthetic medicine and regenerative medicine.

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