Vitamindrip® Joins the IAA

On behalf of the entire staff and Board of Directors we would like to welcome our latest Platinum Sponsor Vitamindrip®. Vitamindrip®, is Canada’s first and fastest growing Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy clinic. While educating foreign markets on IV vitamin therapy, Vitamindrip® has become the most comprehensive brand in its industry as it has made its debut in international markets to provide conscious consumers an alternative to their health regimen.


In 2011, Vitamindrip® launched in Canada with services that created a new category on how to receive your dose of vitamins. Today, Vitamindrip® is making history as it is steadily expanding its operations outside of Canada and can now be found in Spain, South Africa, various parts of the UK, USA and Mexico.

The amount of knowledge around intravenous vitamin therapy and the ‘Vitamindrip®’ brand is drawing major interest in several parts of Europe and other major cities in western USA where we see ourselves expanding to very soon,” says Frank Stillo, Founder and CEO of Vitamindrip®.


Intravenous (IV) Therapy is a treatment method in which nutrients such as vitamins or minerals are administered directly into the bloodstream typically through a vein in the arm.

There are several advantages of giving the body nutrients by the intravenous method such as eliminating alterations in the nutrients, the level of nutrients can reach much higher, more therapeutic levels and has shown miraculous results for individuals with a GI system disorder. Individuals with a Gastro-Intestinal system disorder suffer from an impaired level of absorption of nutrients and therefore an intravenous option provides these individuals a direct flow of vitamins to their bloodstream says Dr. David Lee, Clinical Director of Vitamindrip® Adelaide Health Clinic.


Along with GI system disorder, immune support, anti-aging, athletic performance, allergies, depression, hormone balance, migraines, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many other conditions all respond to Vitamindrip®’s intravenous micronutrient therapy (IVMT) for many patients. Coveted by athletes, professionals, celebrities and health-conscious individuals, Vitamindrip® offers a variety of formulas to choose from, such as:

  • Hydration
  • Athletic Performance
  • Diet & Detox
  • Aches & Pains
  • Mood Support
  • Libido Enhancer and more

*Patient specific custom formulas are based on their individual needs and their health and wellness goals, or as a supplement to their active lifestyles.


Due to modern times, the poor quality of our over-processed foods means that most of us are severely deficient in acquiring the essential nutrients our bodies need. Deficiencies of these nutrients are associated with most of the symptoms that were mentioned above. The services provided by Vitamindrip® gives an individual the essential nutrients that are missing from their lifestyle.

About Vitamindrip®: At the forefront of Intravenous Nutrient Therapy, Vitamindrip® is pleased to offer a complete line of Lifestyle and Clinical IV Formulas, as well as provide comprehensive nutritional and wellness support for patients of all walks of life. Intravenous administration of nutrients can achieve serum concentrations not obtainable with oral, or even intramuscular (IM), administration. Behind every Vitamindrip® formula is a world-class team of physicians, biochemists and physiologists that distinguish it from the rest. Click here to learn more