Become a Certified IAA Educator

Educator Program Overview

Educator Benefits

Eligibility and Requirements

Steps For Applying

Create, host, and teach your own aesthetics programs online through IAA

International Academy of Aesthetics (IAA) is the first and only academy that offers Educator Program, a program that provides aspiring Affiliate Members with the ability to become Certified IAA Educators. Affiliate Members have the opportunity to develop their very own online training program further enriching the IAA global learning community. Upon approval, you will be granted access to develop, create, host and teach your very own online training programs on our social learning management system. We provide the innovative tools for educators to reach a global audience such as the ability to host online programs, host your very own webinar through our video conferencing tool and conduct a virtual conference with invited members. Virtually operate your entire training association through our social learning management system.

We offer a streamlined process to support you through the program development stage and direct you to a successful launch. Upon completion of your program, you will receive a Certified IAA Educator Badge and your program will be added to our website for fellow member registrations. Furthermore, you will be recognized in our member-wide monthly newsletter and compensated for each of your program registrations.

Educator Program benefits include:

  • 24-7 Educator access to the learning management system
  • Certified IAA Educator title and badge
  • Customizable profile page
  • Create, host and teach online training programs
  • Hold online lectures through our live webinar broadcast tool
  • Host online conferences and invite members to attend
  • Conduct an entirely web-based congress through the learning management system
  • Create groups, discussion forums, portfolios, blog posts and more
  • Featured on IAA’s website
  • Educator membership listing in learning management system
  • Earn revenue on your program registrations

Educator Program Eligibility and Requirements

Only Affiliate Members are eligible to apply for the Educator Program. Non-Affiliate members are required to submit a Membership Application for Affiliate Membership Level before applying for the Educator Program. Once the Membership Application has been approved then the Affiliate Member can similarly apply for the Educator Program. See Membership for eligibility, requirements and fees.

IAA is soliciting aesthetic medicine, dental esthetics and cosmetic surgery training related programs including, whilst not limited to, the following areas of interest:

  • General Topics in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery
  • Specific Topics in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery
  • Facial Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery
  • Dental Esthetics
  • Dermatological Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery
  • Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery
  • Specific or General Aesthetic Techniques
  • Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Practice Management
  • Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Marketing / Business
  • Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Related Topics
  • Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Advancements
  • Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Breakthroughs
  • Advancements Facial Aesthetics
  • Advancements in Dental Esthetics
  • Advancements in Dermatological Aesthetics
  • Advancements in Non-Surgical Aesthetics
  • Aesthetic Medicine or Surgery Products / Services
  • Professional Branding for Aesthetic Professionals
  • Aesthetics Patient Consultation Training
  • Aesthetic Patient Pre and Post Op Photography
  • English is the official language of the program content. Affiliate Members may submit their proposed programs in the following formats: DOC, PDF, Power Point, and/or MOV.

    Please review the Educator Handbook before applying.

    Steps For Applying

    1) Apply

    Affiliate Members apply for the Educator Program from within the learning management system. An application is submitted for each proposed Program

    2) Get Approved

    IAA reviews, evaluates, and processes the application. Approved Affiliate Members receive a confirmation email and get enrolled in Educator’s Group and Introduction to Educator Program: Module, which are designed to guide them through the entire process

    3) Create Your Program

    Proceed to create your program while referring to your Proposed Program Template, the Educator Program Handbook and the Course Creation Step-by-Step Guide. Additional resources are available in the Educator's Virtual Library

    4) Submit Your Program

    Educators will have up to 90 days to develop and finalize their program. Once finalized, Educators will e-sign the Educator Agreement. Their program is then uploaded to the learning management system and IAA's website for member registration

    5) Become an Educator

    That’s it! You are now a Certified IAA Educator. Teach your program, gain recognition, and earn direct deposits of revenue for each program registration!

    Program Launch

    IAA review’s your program upon completion of the program development stage and grants you an IAA Certified Educator Badge enabling you to host your training program on the platform. We will add your program to our collection of online training programs, upload it to our platform and make it available for all eligible members to register. Additionally, you will receive recognition through our member-wide monthly newsletter.