Gluteal Bioplasty – Ultimate Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation

Eduardo Costa
25 Nov 2020
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Gluteal Bioplasty – Ultimate Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation


In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn the original routine developed by Dr. Almir Nácul, creator of the Bioplasty technique, and perfected by Dr. Costa over his 16 years of experience using dermal fillers.

You will learn to evaluate each case, make the markings correctly and, most importantly, distribute the syringes intelligently so that the result is achieved and customer satisfaction is complete.

The most common indications for Gluteal Bioplasty are:

  • Increasing volume
  • Correcting the trochanteric depression
  • Improving sagging
  • Correcting irregular hip contours and
  • Increasing the hip

It is worth mentioning that this is the first and the most complete online course on Gluteal Bioplasty, and the only one in the world where the student learns to handle the PMMA application gun. Dr. Eduardo Costa, the creator of the course, is a Brazilian physician, specialized in aesthetic treatments. Over his 16 years of experience using fillers, he has helped more than 5 thousand patients in their pursuit of happiness. The results of the Gluteal Bioplasty technique are amazing and last for years.

Course agenda

Upon registration, attendees will be granted access to the online learning management system and enrolled in the Gluteal Bioplasty Program by Dr. Eduardo Costa. Bioplasty is a technique originated in Brazil, it consists of the application of fillers in the gluteal region, in order to improve aesthetic results.

Welcome – Introduction
Introduction to Bioplasty. Dr. Costa’s experience.

History of Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)
From 1988 to nowadays.

PMMA Analysis – Rough x Smooth Surface
How to determine what is the best product to use.

The Ideal Biomaterial
Principles and size.

PMMA Concentrations and Use
Learn about the ideal biomaterials to work with on each body region.

Gluteal Anatomy
A brief recap of the anatomy of the Gluteus, its innervation and vascularization.

Recommended Filler Types for Gluteal Bioplasty
Superficial and Deep Levels

Indications and Contraindications
Learn to identify the recommendations and what cases to avoid.

Face-to-face consultation
Physical Examination and Assessment

Photographic Documentation
Doctor and patient positioning, Photograph tips and tricks, Assembling the results, Storing and Showing the results.

Materials and Instruments used in Gluteal Bioplasty
Stay organized and have the correct tools.

Why are Micro Cannulas used in Bioplasty?
They are essential when working on deep levels.

Recommended Filler Types for Gluteal Bioplasty
Superficial and Deep Levels

Application Technique
What is the secret?

Application levels
Where to apply and where to never apply the product.

Definition of the amount of product to be used
Doing the syringe distribution

Need for complementary procedures
Mini lipo of breeches, flanks and gluteus | Subcision

Application Targeting
Defining the quantity of syringes per quadrant

Patient Preparation
How to correctly place your patient on the stretcher

Asepsis, Marking, Anesthesia, Application
Learn the complete step-by-step routine

Post-Procedure Guidelines
Rest. Medications. Physical activity

Possible Adverse Reactions, Complications and Intercurrences
Learn how to avoid complications.

Scheduled Return
Checking in on the patient and getting the results.

Complements and Retouching
What do to when the desired result is not achieved.

Clinical Cases
See real results from real patients.

Complete step-by-step video of a full procedure of Gluteal Bioplasty

Gluteal Bioplasty

Certificate of Completion

Gluteal Bioplasty Ultimate Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation is a certified online program that provides a comprehensive approach to buttocks augmentation. The online course includes a required assignment at the conclusion that will measure the member’s level of understanding and test his or her knowledge. Members that successfully complete the required assignments will receive a printable certificate of completion certified by International Academy of Aesthetics and signed by Dr. Eduardo Costa. In addition, successful members will receive a virtual badge of completion showcasing their achievements.

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Gluteal Bioplasty