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Become an Educator

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Create, host, and teach your own aesthetics programs online through IAA

International Academy of Aesthetics (IAA) is the first and only academy that offers Educator Program, a program that provides aspiring dental and medical educators with the ability to become Certified IAA Educators. Educators have the opportunity to develop their very own online training program further enriching the IAA global learning community. Upon approval, you will be granted access to develop, create, host and teach your very own online training programs on our social learning management system. We provide the innovative tools for educators to reach a global audience such as the ability to host online programs, host your very own webinar through our video conferencing tool and conduct a virtual conference with invited members. Virtually operate your entire training association through our social learning management system.

We offer a streamlined process to support you through the program development stage and direct you to a successful launch. Upon completion of your program, you will receive an official Certified Educator Certificate, educator title and a virtual badge in the platform then your program will be added to our website for fellow member registrations. Furthermore, you will be recognized in our member-wide monthly newsletter and compensated for each of your program registrations.

Educator Program benefits include:

  • 24-7 access to the learning management system
  • Lifetime complimentary membership to the online platform
  • Receive a Certificate and virtual badge
  • Customizable profile page
  • Create, host and teach online training programs
  • Hold online lectures with our webinar broadcast app
  • Host online conferences and invite members to attend
  • Conduct a web-based congress on the platform
  • Create groups, discussion forums, portfolios, blogs & more
  • Featured on IAA’s website
  • Earn revenue on program sales

Educator Program Eligibility and Requirements

Only actively licensed physicians and dentists with 5 years or more professional experience are eligible to apply for the Educator Program. An Educator Program application is required for new and existing members. See Membership for eligibility, requirements and fees. Our Certification Committee reviews all Educator Program applications. Approved applicants will be required to e-sign an Educator Agreement prior to program launch.

Educator Program Submission Guidelines

English is the official language of the program content however you may submit a program in another language. Program length should be 60 minutes or greater. You may submit your program in one of the following video formats: .mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi, or .flv

Educator Image Guidelines

Applicants must submit a professionally photographed vertical portrait on a solid or uncluttered background in full color. Images must be sized at 1200 px or greater on any given side and have a resolution of 300 dpi or greater. Image must be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .tiff. Maximum upload size is 12 MB. Here are a few examples of properly formatted photos:

Educator Program Submission Topics

IAA is soliciting aesthetic medicine, dental aesthetics and cosmetic surgery training related programs including, whilst not limited to, the following areas of interest:

  • Topics in Aesthetic Medicine, Dental Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery
  • Advancements in Aesthetic Medicine, Dental Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery
  • Facial Aesthetics
  • Restorative Dentistry: Operative and Endodontics
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine and Implantology
  • Aesthetic Dentistry, Photography and Smile Design
  • Prosthodontics
  • Periodontology
  • Digital Dentistry
  • Laser Dentistry
  • Orthodontics and Functional Appliances
  • Voluntarism and Philanthropy in Medicine or Dentistry
  • Infection Control, Patient Safety or Prevention of Medical Errors
  • Health Care Management, Marketing, and Business Strategies
  • Media, Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Start Up, Medical or Dental Entrepreneurship and Creative Thinking
  • Communication and Body Language
  • Dealing with Public Figures, Celebrity and VIP Protocols
  • Dermatological Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery
  • Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery
  • Specific or General Aesthetic Techniques
  • Practice Management, Marketing and Business Management
  • New Advancements and Breakthroughs
  • Professional Branding for Aesthetic Professionals
  • Patient Consultation Training
  • Patient Pre and Post Op Photography
  • Aesthetic Medicine or Surgery Products / Services

Steps For Applying

1) Apply

Are you interested in becoming an Educator with International Academy of Aesthetics? Great! We are excited to have you joining us. First, we request that you thoroughly review the Educator Handbook then apply for the Educator Program. You will fill out an application, upload your program content and educator image, and lastly submit the application fee for review. We will immediately receive your application and begin the review process.

2) Get Approved

IAA reviews, evaluates, and processes the application. Approved applicants will receive a confirmation email and get enrolled in Educator’s Group and Introduction to Educator Program: Module, which is designed to guide them through the entire program creation process. Proceed to create your Program while referring to your Proposed Program Template, the Educator Handbook, the Course Creation Step-by-Step Guide and the Educator’s Virtual Library.

3) Launch Your Program

Once ready, we will launch your program and you will receive a Certified IAA Educator Certificate and a virtual badge in the platform then your program will be added to our website for fellow member registrations. Furthermore, you will be recognized in our member-wide monthly newsletter and compensated for each of your program registrations. Teach your program, gain recognition, and earn direct deposits of revenue for each program registration!

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