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International Academy of Aesthetics, more than just a learning platform

By November 21, 2015March 16th, 2021No Comments

Professional networking for aesthetic professionals by aesthetic professionals on International Academy of Aesthetics online community

International Academy of Aesthetics in Beverly Hills, California provides aspiring medical and dental professionals from all over the world with immediate access to an exclusive social learning management system that is dedicated to the field of aesthetic medicine, dental aesthetics, and cosmetic surgery. We have created a social network that is dedicated to medical and dental professionals, by medical and dental professionals. We drive member success by setting the highest standards for quality education, development and support. The state of the art learning management system combines learning, teaching and networking in a single place, a user-friendly, well designed online platform with functionality in 6 languages. As a certified member, you can pursue your professional networking and educational goals on a single online platform that brings the industry to your fingertips!

$375 Annual Membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to your courses for as long as you are a member
  • Direct access to top educators
  • Access to professional groups, webinars and more
  • Customizable profile page to showcase your expertise
  • Official digital membership certificate
  • Special pricing on courses and webinars

Additionally, members will be granted access to the latest information in the field of aesthetic medicine, dental aesthetics and cosmetic surgery training through forums, discussion boards, webinars, and more!


International Academy of Aesthetics

Aesthetic Courses Online Offered by the #1 Source for Online Learning the International Academy of Aesthetics of Beverly Hills in California.