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Latest Program: Minimalistic Feldspathic Ceramic Veneer Layering Techniques

By March 10, 2018March 16th, 2021No Comments

Minimalistic Feldspathic Ceramic Veneer Layering Techniques

This comprehensive online program is a unique demonstration program for ceramists (OR dentists that do ceramics). Each participant will have the opportunity to learn and see in detail a porcelain layering technique developed by Dr. Edward McLaren called the “Skeleton Build up Technique” on a live patient. Participants will learn the porcelain techniques minimal prep veneers. Also covered in detail will be concepts of layering based on color development by a system called “The Contrast Zone System” to create lifelike ceramics.

  • Chapter 1: Shade Analysis
  • Chapter 2: Preparing and Sealing Model
  • Chapter 3: Mixing Porcelains to Match Shade
  • Chapter 4: Dentin Skeleton Technique
  • Chapter 5: Dentin Correction
  • Chapter 6: The Rich Dentist’s Mamelon
  • Chapter 7: The Enamel Skin Layer
  • Chapter 8: Contouring and Texture
  • Chapter 9: Final Color Glaze and Polish
  • Chapter 10: Patient Try In and Fitting

Target Audience: Ceramists and Dentists that do ceramics.

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