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UniTox, the First and Only Syringe for Botox® Joins IAA

By February 20, 2016March 16th, 2021No Comments

UniTox, the one and only FDA approved specialty syringe designed for Botox® administration, joins IAA

We are extremely excited to announce that UniTox®, the one and only FDA approved specialty syringe designed for Botox® administration, has joined IAA as an official sponsor.

UniTox® is the first and only FDA approved specialty syringe for use with Botox® Cosmetic. UniTox® was invented by Dr. Sid Solomon in Los Angeles, California in order to provide the precision and accuracy that every single Botox® injection requires.

UniTox® syringes are marked in bold red Botox units against a black gasket. The hash marks on UniTox® are based on diluting a 100 unit vial of Botox® with 2.5 ml saline solution, as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. The needles on UniTox® are 30g and provide optimal comfort for patients. Each box of UniTox® comes with 100 individually packed sterile syringes.

UniTox® is the only logical solution to providing the best injections possible. This product saves valuable chair time by avoiding the need for messy calculations from ml to Botox® units. Patients love this product, as do practitioners all over the world.

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