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What’s New in Cosmetic Surgery?

By September 12, 2018March 16th, 2021No Comments

Cosmetic Surgery is an ever-evolving industry that is constantly improving techniques to ensure superior and long-lasting results.

As a medical professional, it is imperative for your reputation and the reputation of your practice that your services are of the highest caliber. The programs we choose at IAA are carefully selected to allow medical practitioners to enhance their education and perform at a standard; from offering the latest techniques to practicing in the safest ways. We also have an intense vetting process that only accepts educators that are leaders in their respective industries.

One of our leading educators in the cosmetic surgery field is Dr. Nabil Fakih, one of Lebanon’s & Spain’s leading facial surgeons and a recognized worldwide expert in the field of facial plastic surgery. He is the Vice-President of the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery. He is passionate about and exclusively performs Facial Plastic Surgery and Orthognathic Surgery. Dr. Nabil Fakih is specialized in Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery with sub-specialization in Facial Plastic Surgery from the most prestigious Hospitals in Europe and the USA. He is one of the supporters of the idea of “Facial Makeover,” surgeons who can work out the entire facial frame working on the beauty of the face, enhancing the best results and the most natural ones.

Dr. Fakih offers many programs. Through one of his most popular programs, “Facial Aesthetics Certified Online Fellowships,” he ensures that medical practitioners understand modified techniques, danger zones, and receive tips and tricks starting from the basis of controlling the surgery to mastering the technique. Focusing on these tips and tricks has proven to improve surgery and result in fewer complications and better outcomes.

For example, Buccal Fat Pad Surgery is considered a simple surgery for beginners however many complications can occur while following the described techniques in books. In this section he covers:

  • Relevant anatomy
  • Cadaver relevant anatomy
  • Facial structure around the fat
  • The safe zones
  • The danger zones
  • Surgery of the described technique
  • Complication and limitation of this technique
  • Advantages of the modified technique surgery
  • All instruments used
  • Step by step of the modified technique
  • Recovery tips
  • And Cases

Dr. Fakih also covers everything you will need to know to perform surgical mentoplasty from chin implants to chin surgery. After the fellowship program you will also be able to:

  • Perform surgical malar and paranasal implant surgery and
  • Offer PRP injections in your practice
  • Start injecting Botulinum Toxin
  • Start offering hyaluronic acid
  • Be an expert at as Facial Danger Zones Anatomy, Avoiding Complications in Facial Fillers and Updated Protocol for Filler Complications

With online reviews and social media being used to evaluate businesses and medical practitioner’s results. You rarely have a chance to redeem yourself after multiple bad reviews, especially in cosmetic surgery. It is crucial that you invest in yourself and develop your knowledge in your field to consistently produce great results. Continuing education secures your practice, reputation, and future!


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